Inspired by a luxurious lifestyle and crafted in Paris according to the requirements of Haute Couture, the Maison Chou collections draw a line of modern hair accessories in a timeless style..

It is within the studios of Parisian houses of excellence that Chloé, founder of Maison Chou, forged her savoir-faire and her love for the crafts and luxury.

Our favorites, symbols of excellence, nourished by history and tradition, will sublimate your most beautiful silhouettes..


The craftsmen of Maison Chou work the collections exclusively from noble materials; exceptional pieces, brocades, jacquards, cut threads, silks... Our fabrics and materials come from France, Italy and Germany. In our Parisian studio, in the heart of the twelfth arrondissement, our little hands cut, assemble and finish each favorite by hand, with meticulousness and delicacy..

The Boutroué factory has existed since the 1800s, in the Dorin building, a former supplier of silk stockings to the Court of Versailles. It is the only and last metal factory in intramural Paris. The craftsmen of this house and the machines used are the most advanced, and the family business shapes metals for the greatest Parisian Couture and Leather Goods Houses.

 It is here that the Maison Chou rings are engraved, one by one, thanks to the precision of the craftsman and the handling of advanced machinery.

The Baqué Molinié embroidery workshop is one of the most upscale workshops in Paris. Embroidery, textile research, development of samples and explanation of the most complex models are done within this sanctuary of craftsmanship.


Pearls, embroidery looms, threads and samples come together to give life to the most beautiful and luxurious pieces of haute couture. Many pieces from the biggest Parisian parades pass through the hands of the embroiderers of this House.

The first prototypes are embroidered by Chloé, the creator of Maison Chou.

The pieces will then be developed between Atelier Baqué Molinié in Paris and its second Atelier in Mumbai, approved by the LVMH charter and made up of the best embroiderers in the world, holders of ancestral know-how specific to Indian craftsmanship.Some creations require more than twenty hours of hand work.

Finally, it is again within the Maison Chou Studio that our pieces are delicately prepared, in their case, accompanied by their ribbon, and their card, placed on a tissue paper to be offered, such as the jewels that they are.


Maison Chou is committed to creating in the service of excellence, beauty, finish..
Each step of creation requires meticulous and sharp work. The most qualified craftsmen are mobilized. Each stage of creation has been implemented with respect for know-how and quality. Maison Chou selects each material and know-how where it is the most qualitative, this is our commitment. Our customers, loyal and sharp, benefit from our support, as is customary in haute couture.

Photo Credit @benjrosemberg